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The Good, The Bad, and The EMP

     Master Shido, those on the bus called him this now, stepped out of the bus first, and bowed to the nearest guard with a flourish of arm waving.  "AH!  Safety at last!  Come students, come come."  His words were as grand as his mannerisms.  Shido clapped twice at his "students" to disembark.  The first two that came out were Tsunda and Miura, both had their black, school uniforms on.  Yuuki Miku followed the two young men off the bus, several other faces peered through the door from the interior.  Yuuki also had her school uniform on.  Shido had made sure they were the only three of his followers that made an appearance at this time.  He also made sure that they had washed and that their clothes looked neat and tidy.
     Shido found himself looking at the large frame of Yoshioka, the man everyone knew as the danshaku.  Danshaku was a title similar to the Western baron, but to those living at the manor, Yoshioka was known as Takagi's 'right hand man'.  The danshaku was never far from Lord Takagi during day time hours.  
     "Koichi Shido.  Welcome to Takagi manor."  Yoshioka bowed.
     "You know me?"  Shido was surprised to be recognized.
     "Yes, I knew your father.  My Lord and he had dealings."  Yoshioka looked over the three students that now stood close to Shido.
     Shido bristled some at the mention of his father, "Yes, well, I am just a humble school master looking for sanctuary for some of my students."  Shido nodded more than bowed to the danshaku, and then looked about expectantly.
     Wolf did not look back, but took note that Lord Takagi had not come down the second set of steps to the drive-way to greet Shido.  Both the American and Takagi could hear Shido and Yoshioka's conversation from where they were.  Sizing up the two men with Shido, Wolf noted that each had on tight black gloves.  The American wondered if they were carrying firearms under their loose fitting school jackets.  Yuuki was not hiding her weapons, one was a knife strapped to her thigh.  Wolf noticed it was a diving rig meant to hold the weapon secure, and spring it out when needed.  Yuuki's other 'weapons' were just as obvious.  Her ample bosom was secured only by her uniform top, and she was showing plenty of cleavage, and lots of soft thigh.
     Shido seemed ruffled that Lord Takagi had not come all the way down to meet them in the drive-way.  He approached stiffly, not paying any attention to the American with the long hair that stood smoking at the bottom of the stairs.  Shido bowed much more formally before the lord of the manor, as did the two young men that had followed their master up the stairs.  
     Yuuki did not go up the steps.  She did notice the man smoking.  He was obviously not one of the regular guards of the manor.  Yuuki was not stupid, and she decided to watch her master's back by staying near the bottom of the stairs.  She smiled seeing Wolf staring at her legs.  Wolf looked up and saw her smile, but he noticed wanton lust and not mirth in her green eyes.  Taking a drag on his cigarette, Wolf could hear that Shido was talking now with Lord Takagi, but he seemed to have lost all interest in that.  As he blew the smoke out, Yuuki approached and leaned against him.  He could smell the scent of sweat and sex on her, it was strong.  Suddenly Wolf felt dizzy, he tried to stand up straight and found he could not.
     Shido was standing in front of Lord Takagi ingratiating himself in every way except actually cleaning Takagi's boots with his tongue.  Suddenly from above Takashi's voice shouted "What…Rei?!"  
     Rei, yari in one hand, leapt over the banister from above.  "YOU!"  She pointed the sharp tipped blade of the yari in Shido's face.  Lord Takagi had sensed from their arrival this man was bad so he stepped out of the way to see what Rei would do.
Shido held his arms out as Tsunoda and Miura started to move past him.  Both of Shido's guards backed down several steps.  
     "Miss Miyamoto, why, I'm so glad to see you are safe my dear child."  Shido left his arms wide to show he was unarmed.
     Takashi and the rest of the companions were now looking over the banister.  Shizuka had her hands clasped firmly over Alice's eyes.  Much to the young girls protest.     
     Takashi went to move down the stairs, but Saeko stopped him, grabbing his arm.
"This is Rei's fight Takashi.  Not ours, not yet.  Lord Takagi has given her leave, see."  Saeko nodded, making Takashi aware that their lord had indeed stepped out of the way to allow Rei to act.  "If the others join, then so shall we.  Until then, no."  Takashi stayed on the stairs near Saeko.
     Below, Wolf blinked and rubbed his head.  Looking up, Yuuki was back where she had been when Shido went up the stairs, several steps away.  The lustful look in her eyes had been replaced with a predatory one, her hand had slipped down to the handle of her knife.  Hearing Rei's voice, Wolf saw the confrontation now.  He slipped his right hand down to his hip holster.
     "LIAR!!"  Rei brought the tip of the yari very near Shido's face.  "You…you're the one that caused my father so much trouble.  AND YOU USED ME!!"
     "Oh, my, such imagination children have."  Shido looked to Lord Takagi, but found no help in the other man's face.  "Miss Miyamoto, really…"
     "Shut up.  I won't listen to you.  All those things you and your father had done to my family.  The pictures of me, coming and going to school…of my MOTHER IN OUR HOUSE!  But it wasn't until YOU changed my grades, and failed me last year that my father called off his investigation.  God what you did him, TO US, MY FAMILY!!"  Rei was seething now. She was frightened.  What would Takashi say, and Lord Takagi, but so far neither had intervened.  She hated this man so much, and she had a chance at least to finally explain why.  "His apology to your father in front of the media.   Your father was so smug that day.  Then he came home, and he wept.  HE CRIED that night.  He begged for me, ME to forgive him.  YOU did ALL that, and I hate you for it."
     Seeing that Lord Takagi was going to allowing this to go on, Shido changed tactics, "Yes, fine child, blame me.  Kill me if you will.  Will that change anything?  You make assumptions, and offer no proof.  Yet, what better way to offer one of my dear students a life lesson.  The daughter of a most decorated officer is now to taste murder.  Is that what you want?  Hmm….do you want to find your father, only to have to tell you killed an unarmed man?  Well, then go ahead."  Shido held his arms out dramatically.  
     Rei stood a moment, she felt like she was on a cliff, and that the wind was howling all around her.  Letting herself be blown off would be so easy, and her hands trembled to do it, to kill this man.  She could, kill this man, and leap off into an abyss of unknowns.  Her friends though, they all walked this far with her, against the harsh winds.  None of them had taken the easy way, and they were all still alive, caring and loving for each other in this hellish world.  "No."  Rei lowered the tip of her yari and turned, "You aren't even worth killing."
     Deep laughter suddenly echoed all around the tense manor entryway.  It was Lord Takagi himself, his head back, laughing hard and loud.  "Well done young Miyamoto.  It would seem Shido was able to teach you one last lesson after all."  Rei looked at Lord Takagi quizzically and he chuckled more, "Off with you, all of you.  Shido, you and those you brought are not ever welcome here.  You have tainted the young ones with your poison and I do not have the time to deal with that.  So go."
     Shido sneered, fixed his glasses, and turned, "Very well then, we'll go!"  
     Tsunoda and Miura looked at each other, puzzled.  This was not the plan they had talked about.  Tsunoda looked down the stairs at Shido's retreating back, Yuuki had already fled back towards the bus.  Tsunoda then looked up at Lord Takagi's stern face.   The bastard was so close, but Shido had forbidden them from bringing anything more than daggers under their jackets.  Tsunoda would die, he thought, but maybe he could take this cock-sucker with him.  Miura would back him up, he knew it.  Lord Takagi was even turning his back to Shido's two bodyguards and heading for the entrance of the manor.  Tsunoda moved his hand slowly towards the long knife under his jacket.  Miura saw what Tsunoda was planning and turned towards the front of the manor, ready to strike.
While Tsunoda was contemplating his own suicidal moves, Shido was passing the American at the bottom of the stairs.  Wolf's hand was fast and he got a firm grip on Shido's upper arm.
     "Let go of…", Shido started, but Wolf tightened his group and Shido dropped his voice to a growl, "That…hurts."
     "Good, I want to make sure I have your attention."  Wolf's voice was equally menacing.  Both men glared at each other, "Lord Takagi has let you leave, with your life.  Take it and go far away Shido.  Staying in Tokonosu is going to be very bad for you."
     Shido tried to pull away, but it only caused Wolf to squeeze harder.  Shido grimaced, "Really.  I think the city is full of opportunity."    Shido's grimace turned into a smirk.  Wolf thought the man was insane.  Shido looked over his shoulder, and onto the balcony at the others now gathered there.  Only those from the school were left watching now.  Lord Takagi had already retired back into the manor.  Shido's dark eyes lingered on Rei for a moment, he looked back at Wolf with something of a smile, "Aw!  Is she in heat for you?  That little bitch Miyamoto?  Tell me, does she taste as yummy as she looks?"
     Wolf jerked Shido close, their noses almost touched, "Fuck you.  I can promise I'm not in need of any "life" lessons.  There'll be blood next time we meet."  Wolf shoved the other man.
     "No, indeed, I think you and I are far more alike than anyone else that has survived.  Ah, the irony.  Hero and Villain, opposite sides of a coin.  How marvelous.  I do hope we meet again.  I'm looking forward to it."  Shido was now walking away, towards the bus, almost speaking to himself.  Yuuki had gotten on board, and Wolf saw several indistinct faces looking out through the tinted windows.  "Oh, and there's someone else who is looking forward to seeing you again too.  She's out there, and she's very sad, very angry…at you."
     Wolf started to move towards Shido, but was stopped by Saeko's voice calling his name.  He stepped to the side, and blocked a blow from Tsunoda.  Tsunoda's swing went wide, and Wolf countered with three quick punches to the younger man's kidney area.  The wind was knocked out of Tsunoda as he dropped.  Something about hitting the younger man felt wrong to Wolf, but he did not have time to ponder what.  Wolf spun, much faster than Miura thought possible, and now the second of Shido's bodyguards was looking at one of the American's pistols pointed at his face.
     Miura dropped the knife in his hand, quickly.  Pointing at Tsunoda, he said, "Jus..just want to get my friend."
     Hearing Tsunoda move, Wolf drew his other pistol and pointed it at Tsunoda, "Good idea.  Go ahead.  I hope he enjoys pissing blood for a few days."  Wolf took a step back, keeping one pistol on each man.
     As Miura reached down to help Tsunoda up, Wolf saw the sleeve of the garment under his jacket.  It was shiny, and looked like incredibly small links.  Remembering Yuuki's knife, he thought it must be a shark suit for scuba diving.  Wolf nodded as the two men retreated, and then he holstered his pistols.  After Miura and Tsunoda were on board, Shido and Wolf shared one more look before Shido closed the door and drove the bus back out of the Takagi compound.
     Takashi wasted no time coming over to Wolf, grabbing the older man, and spinning him around, "That was REALLY stupid!"  Takashi was angrier than Wolf had ever seen him.
     "What…", was all Wolf managed.
     "Lord Takagi said to let them go.  What the fuck was that all about?  Huh?"  Saeko and Rei came down the stairs.  Shizuka was holding Alice against her as they stood next to Kohta at the top of the steps.  Saya had left with her parents when Shido was first dismissed.
     Wolf raised his hands, "I…"
     "You what?  Had to be the bigger man?  Showing off?  We've got something really good here, and I'm the one that is going to get his ass chewed off by Lord Takagi for that stunt.  I'm going to have to explain why YOU insist on being the biggest pain in the ass of all of us."  
     Saeko was now standing next to Takashi.  She put her hand on his shoulder, "Takashi?"
     Takashi shook his head and kept his eyes on Wolf.
     "You think that this is about me swinging my dick around?  I…I don't know what to say.  I've never, ever wanted anything but what was best for all of us."  Wolf actually looked stung and surprised by Takashi's words.
     "You do know that we are all trying to get back to our families, right?  This place is a really good jumping off point for that.  What if we got kicked out of here because of something like that?"
     "Takashi!!"  Rei came down to the bottom of the stairs to face Takashi.
     "It's ok Rei.  He's right.  I'm sorry."  Wolf's apology was sincere.
     "No!  It's not alright, they don't know."  Rei was still feeling the swirl of emotions from her confrontation with Shido.
     "We don't know what?!"  Takashi threw the words back at Rei, "You talked already talked to me Rei.  I'm fine with how things are.  What else is there?"
     Wolf tried to restrain Rei with a gentle hand on her shoulder.  She did not brush his hand away, but she was not deterred, "We still have some hope that our families are alive, and safe Takashi.  But…", Rei began to cry now.  Her emotions were tattered.  She was not even sure if she was making any sense.  It just did not seem right for Takashi to through family in Wolf's face without knowing the truth.
     "Rei, now isn't the time hon.", Wolf lowered his voice.  It seemed best to get everyone to calm down.  It had been a long day and the group was tired and hungry.
     "Wolf…he…", Rei choked down her sobs.  She was determined to tell them.  If Wolf would not then she was going to.  She only hoped he would not hate her for it afterwards.  "He already knows.  He already found his family."
     That made everyone turn their eyes from Rei, to the American standing behind her.  Shizuka took her hands off of Alice, placing them on her own face.  The look of sadness on Wolf said everything, and the nurse could read it all.  Rei continued, "His little girl, her name was Yasumi.  He found her the day he met us.  He found her, and she was one of Them Takashi, and…and he had to kill her."  Rei turned and began to sob into Wolf's shoulder.  Wolf put an arm around Rei to comfort her.
     Everyone looked at Wolf, even Shizuka, Kohta, and Alice had heard the exchange up at the top of the balcony.  Takashi's anger left him and he now had a look of sadness that almost matched Wolf's.  "I'm sorry."  Takashi did not question the truthfulness of Rei's words.
     "I've made as much peace with that as I can Takashi.  This whole thing with Shido wasn't about me trying to be "the big man".  He's evil, and those with him are evil hurtful people that want to harm us.  You, and them."  Wolf gestured to the others of the group, "I told Shido that if he and his minions showed themselves around us again, I WILL kill them.  I wanted to make sure he knew that.  Because, you ARE my family now."
     Takashi nodded his understanding, "Yah, I can see that.  I'm sorry, I was assuming things."
     "It's ok man.  No harm, this is your family too right now.  We are all that we know for sure we have.  I don't begrudge you wanting to take care of us.  I respect that."  Wolf smiled and held out his hand to Takashi.  Takashi took Wolf's hand, and they shook firmly, eyes meeting, they smiled in spite of one another.  "We are just taking care of family, ok.  So, no more secrets, that's the last of mine.  But honestly, it is also the past, and like I said, I've made my peace with that."  Wolf nodded at Takashi's hand before he turned with Rei and headed across the wide driveway towards the tall pines of the manor's forest.
     Up on the balcony little Alice had tears in her eyes as she turned to Kohta, "So, Mr. Wolf lost his little girl Uncle Kohta?"
     Kohta knelt down next to the little girl, he had his glasses off and was also wiping away tears, "Yes sweetie.  Wolf's little girl was lost to Them and, well, he had to help her be at rest."
     The little girl nodded, "Is that why he is always sad when I call him daddy?"
     Kohta looked up at Shizuka, the nurse had tears running down her cheeks, and a sad smile on her face.  "Yes honey, but it isn't a bad thing.  It just reminds Wolf of his little girl.  You understand.  He isn't sad with you."
     Alice watched as Wolf, his arm over Rei's shoulders slowly walked away.  Her little face was a mix of emotions, "I think I understand.  Because I miss my daddy, and when I call Wolf daddy, I am happy, but sad too sometimes."  The little girl was thinking hard, she looked at everyone of the adults around her that had become like her big family.  "So, do you think he likes it when I call him daddy?  I mean, is it still ok?  I lost my dad, and he lost his little girl, so we kind of need each other.  Right?"  
     Kohta was not sure how to answer and he looked up at Shizuka again.  Weeping openly, Shizuka had her hands on her face, she nodded at Kohta.  "Yah, honey, I think that's right.  You do need each other."
     Alice nodded, "I think so too.  Because I miss my daddy, and it makes me happy when Wolf tucks me in and calls me 'princess'.  Thank you Uncle Kohta."  Alice hugged Kohta tight around the neck, and Kohta hugged her back.  Then, the little girl ran away down the steps, past Takashi and Saeko who turned to watch where she was going.
     Running as fast as she could, Alice called out, "Daddy!  Wolf!  Daddy!  Wait for me!"
     Wolf and Rei stopped at the edge of the evergreens and turned.  Wolf knelt down as Alice ran up to them and scooped the little girl up his arms.  Alice put her little arms around Wolf's neck, and he held her close to him.  "I love you Wolf, and I'm sorry you lost your little girl, but I want to be your little girl now since I lost my daddy."
     Still holding Alice close with one arm, Wolf put his other arm around Rei's shoulders, "I can't think of anything more I want in the whole world than to be your daddy princess."  The three of them continued into the shade of the dark woods.
     Back in the driveway everyone was wiping away tears.  Shizuka reached over and gave Kohta a big hug squishing the young man against her giant breast.  Kohta hugged the nurse back, happily.  Saeko was holding Takashi's hand, she smiled at him, giving him a gentle kiss on his cheek.
     "One big family."  The sword woman said.
     "I think it might help keep us alive.", said Takashi.
     Takashi opened his other hand to look at what Wolf had given him.  There was a single piece of stamped metal in his hand.  It was Wolf's dogtag.  Both he and Saeko looked at the tag, and then at each other in surprise.  The tag read:
     Donovan M.
     O Negative
     "Huh."  Takashi did not know what to say.
     "What are you going to do with it?"  Saeko, touched the military tag lightly.  She let her slender fingers feel the raised letters.
     The two of them had wondered down the drive while talking.  Takashi looked at Saeko's wonderful blue eyes.  Leaning over, he kissed her on the cheek.  "Like Wolf said, it's the past, and right now, all we have is each other.  Whatever the future holds for us, I think we might want and try to be as happy, or content, or whatever with what we've got today.  I just don't want Them to steal anymore from us than they have."  With that, Takashi slipped one arm around Saeko's waist, and with a flick of his other hand he tossed Wolf's dogtag into the koi pond.
     Saeko put her arms around Takashi's shoulders and held him, resting her head against his.  "I like that Takashi.  I'm sorry you seem to have become the one to bare all of our past pains."
     Takashi looked at the red and gray clouds as the late afternoon sun peaked below them.  Thinking a moment, he smiled and shrugged against Saeko, "Maybe that's part of what being a 'leader' is about."
     "Also, part of what being a man is about."  Saeko sighed contentedly, and closed her eyes.  It felt good leaning against Takashi.  "I know the world has gone all crazy, and maybe this is wrong to think, but I'm happy Takashi.  I'm happy with you, right now, holding me.  Is it wrong for this to feel right?"
     "I don't know Saeko, but I know I love you, and I know I'm learning to be happy with it too."  The two lovers, held each other, not caring who was watching them at that moment.

     The dirty, beat up academy bus slowed at the blockade.  Inside, everyone looked much different from how they did back at the manor.  Shido's group had changed into the outfits he now required them to wear.  Master Shido had held his anger, he knew where he was going to vent it, and so, once underway he made a short speech.
     "From now on,", Shido spoke from his seat behind the wheel, "We will all wear out new clothes.  It is out of respect for Them, and the new gods that we do this.  Everyone make sure you look lovely, we are going to be making sacrifices soon."  Not speaking again until they reached the blockade, Shido drove, thinking dark, bloody thoughts.
     Leaving the motor running, he brought the bus to a halt close to the tall cement walls of the roadblock.  Swiveling the driver's seat, Shido stood and looked back at his little group.  He smiled, pleased to see that Kurokami had stealthy joined them back at the manor.   Tsunoda and Miura had shed their school outfits.  They now wore the shark suits they had found at a sporting goods shop.  Complimenting the metal scuba suits each wore a catcher's mask, leggings, and vest.  Tsunoda had a cricket bat, while Miura had preferred an alumina bat.
     Shido nodded and opened the bus door.  Stepping out on the road he smiled at the two Takagi guards.  One was sitting on the forklift used to move the tall, heavy, concrete barriers; the other man approached the bus.  A quizzical look on his face, the approaching man tipped his hard hat back, "What's going on?  You just came through here, why aren't you staying up at the manor?"
     Shido bowed low and the man was suddenly pierced through his middle by a long metal spear.  Miura stood in the door of the bus, a harpoon gun in his hands.  The man on the forklift just sat there wide-eyed not comprehending what was happening.  Tsunoda came around the front of the bus with a riot shotgun they had found at a police blockade.  Taking aim at the forklift driver, Tsunoda squeezed the trigger and blasted the man out of his seat and on to the pavement.
     "Very good my children.  Now, Tsunoda, if you would please, open the doors.  There is a throng of guests that would like to join the gathering at the Takagi mansion."  Shido climbed back on the bus and sat down while Tsunoda moved the blockades.  Once two of the concrete slabs were clear, Tsuonda used the forklift to push them over, then putting it in neutral, he wedged the horn down.  The annoying beep of the forklift's horn was not all that loud, but it was loud enough as several of Them were already approaching.  Climbing back on the bus, Tusnoda bowed to his master and then took his seat.  Shido put the bus in drive and blaring the horn of the bus, drove deliberately slow, attracting a growing horde.  After a short distance beyond the blockade, he silenced the bus horn and drove on into the coming evening.
     Takashi and Saeko looked up from the Koi pond as the tinkling sound of electronic chimes rang softly behind them.  Back on the stairs Kohta was staring at Shizuka who was still wiping tears from her soft white cheeks.  
     "Shizuka, you're phone is ringing."  Kohta watched as Shizuka began to dig through her leather satchel.
     "Oh my.  I had forgotten all about it.  Where did I put that?"  The nurse had both hands deep in the brown leather bag moving healing items around.
     Kohta thought it amazing she was ever able to heal any of them given the mess her bag must be.
Pulling the small silver phone from her bag she showed it to Kohta proudly, "Here it is."
     "Well answer it!"  Takashi said as he and Saeko joined the others on the steps.
     Looking a bit confused, "Oh, yes, of course."  Shizuka opened the phone and put it to her ear.  "Hello?"
     "Shizuka?  Gods I'm glad to hear your voice.  Are you alright?"  Kohta, Takashi, and Saeko could hear the tin sounding voice through the phone's small speaker.  "Oh, Rika!  Yes, I'm fine.  I'm with stu…uh, friends."  Shizuka smiled at the others.
     "That's good.  Are you safe?"  Rika asked.
     "Yes, we are safe.  I'm sorry, but we made a bit of a mess at your place."
     "That's ok, are you still there?"  The concern in Rika's voice lessened.
     "Oh, no, but we took all your guns, and the bullets, and your truck.  I'm afraid I didn't have a chance to clean up very well either.  I'll have to get back there and clean the kitchen.  We left it, and the bathroom in a mess."  Shizuka was chattering like things were quite normal.
     Rika sounded exasperated, even on the little speaker.  "Shizuka, none of that is important so long as you are safe."
     "Oh, yes, we are fine.  How are you?  Where are you right now?"  Shizuka smiled again at the others.
     "I'm at Island Airport, and things are not good.  If we can get the terminal buttoned up we might be ok.  There are infected here though, so I don't know if we will stay or leave.  Where are you Shizuka?"
     "Oh, I'm with my friends, like I said, and we are all safe.  I still feel terrible about your car, it's gotten all scratched up, and I don't know how we can repay you for the bullets."  
     "SHIZUKA!?"  Everyone on both ends of the phone yelled her name at the same time startling the young nurse.
     Shizuka looked at her friends, pulling the phone from her ear, "What is it?!"
     "Tell her where we are!"  Takashi yelled exasperated.  
     "Where are you?!"  Came Rika's voice from the phone.
     "Oh…"  Was all the nurse said as a brilliant corona appeared high up in the darkening sky.  As the halo of light moved farther from the bright center it grew dimmer, but it pushed the clouds away like someone blowing smoke.  Everyone at the Takagi manor, guard, companion, and refugee was looking up at the suddenly bright sky.
     At Island Airport Rika heard her phone buzz and pop as the circuits were fried.  The sniper sighed as she closed the phone and took a drag on her cigarette.  Looking at the useless electronic device she tossed it on the ground as an airport employee looked nervously at the now dimming spot in the sky.
     "You are a police officer.  What is that?  What does it mean?"  The employee was still staring up in wonder.
     "It means that the night is going to truly be dark now."  Rika just sat and watched the bluish smoke trail up from her cigarette.
     "What is that?"  Kohta asked.
     "I have no idea, an explosion of some kind."  Takashi was staring skyward as were his friends.
     Rei, holding Alice's hand and following Wolf came running across the manor's driveway.  "Shit, shit, shit!!" Wolf was yelling, "That is an EMP blast.  Some asshole country has launched nukes!"  Wolf came to a stop next to the others.  Rei and Alice come up, the little girl a bit out of breath.
     The buzzing and popping sound of electricity was heard over on the street as a transformer on a pole sparked several times, then exploded loudly making people all over the compound duck, and scream.  That explosion was followed by several, much larger ones out in Tokonosu city.  Half a dozen large plumes of smoke billowed up out of the shadowy ruins of the city.  
     "Oh my god."  Shizuka realized she was still holding her phone, "Hello?  Rika?"  She looked at her friends, "It isn't working."
     "No Shizuka.  It isn't."  Wolf looked at her sadly.
     Saya came running over to her friends from the garage, "What just happened?!"  She was looking out towards the city where her friends were staring.  "Are those bombs!?"
     "No, it's electrical explosions of some sort.  Some country just nuked us with an EMP."  Wolf pointed up at what was now just a large strange cloud formation out towards the ocean.
     "What?!  No, that can't be.  An EMP destroys everything electronic in its blast."  Saya was looking at Wolf incredulously.
     "That's what he is pointing at Saya."  Rei said looking at her genius friend.
     "I just left the HUMMER and the radio is working fine.  Matsudo and I are listening to it while we work.  I was charging my datapad and making notes.  It is still working fine."  Saya gave Rei and the others a challenging look.  Then in the too quiet moments after everything electric in their world was dead and silent, everyone could hear the sound of music coming from the garage.
     "No way!"  Wolf looked from the where the sound was coming to Saya, and then to Shizuka.  "Shizuka, give Saya your cell-phone."
     The nurse handed her phone to Saya who opened and closed it several times, and then tried the power button.  "That was an EMP blast Saya."  Wolf said.
     "Well, then explain that."  Saya pointed back towards the garage.
     "Not my area of expertise."  The soldier countered, and grinned broadly.
     "Yes, we are still trying to find what that is."  Saya said smartly.
     "I'm good at breaking stuff."  Wolf winked.
     "What is going on here?"  Lord Takagi had come out of the manor onto the overlook.  "We've lost all the electricity inside.  This is not a good thing.  Someone tell Matsudo I want to see him."  A guard immediately headed for the garage.
     "That won't help father.  A nuclear weapon has been detonated over the city creating an EMP which has knocked out all the electronics."  Saya said to her father.
     "This makes things even more difficult.  Exactly what does that mean for us daughter?"  Takagi was looking out across the driveway and past the gates down the road.
     "Well, everything driven by electricity is going to have the wiring burnt at its connections making it unusable.  Nearly everything of a complex nature, like computers and phones will be unfixable.  More simple things like a light could be rewired, but new lightbulbs would have to be found, and with no generator it would still be useless."  Saya puffed herself up a bit, proud to have been asked by her father for advice.
     "I see."  Lord Takagi was still squinting into the dusk towards the dark street that led up to the manor gates.  "Then we are about to have a very difficult fight it would seem.  Takashi, prepare your people.  GUARDS!  TO THE WALL!!"  
     All eyes now turned towards the large iron gates of the Takagi manor, and the lurching, shambling forms that were now visible coming out of the growing shadows on the stree
Zombies, a few boobs, a laugh or two, friends and enemies have confrontations, people die, cry, and get cast back into the stone-age. Hope you enjoy.
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In the (modified) words of one Corporal Dunn...
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